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We help international companies hire qualified talent from Sri Lanka by utilising our pre-screened talent pools, streamlining the hiring process like never before.

A chef
A nurse
A chef
A nurse
An office worker
A construction worker
An office worker
A construction worker

Who are we

We are BestLink International

We are a foreign employment agency based in Sri Lanka. Licenced and certified by the Sri Lankan Bureau of Foreign Employment.

Our licence number - 3613

Licence to operate a foreign employment agency

Our mission at BestLink International

At BestLink International, our mission is to bridge the gap between talented Sri Lankan professionals and ideal foreign employers who seek dedicated candidates.

We are dedicated to identifying, training, and connecting Sri Lankans with roles in critical sectors worldwide, facing shortages of local expertise.

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We also take the necessary steps to ensure candidates' seamless integration into the new work environment.

By doing so, we aim to enhance candidates' performance, satisfaction, and long-term retention, providing our clients with a good return on investment.

Why hire from Sri Lanka to grow your business?

When it comes to hiring top-tier overseas employees, Sri Lanka stands out as a hub for exceptional talent.

Over the past years, Sri Lankan employees have earned a reputation for excellence internationally in various fields.

By partnering with BestLink International, you gain access to a pool of talented Sri Lankan professionals who embody the following distinct advantages:

“Sri Lanka’s health service is one of the best not only in Asia but in the world”

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

WHO Director

Skilled Workforce

The free education system in Sri Lanka contributes to a highly educated and skilled workforce, offering a valuable talent pool.

Cost Effective

By hiring Sri Lankan employees, companies can take advantage of low labour costs in comparison to other regional countries.

English proficiency

English is widely spoken in Sri Lanka. The country has invested in training its top talent to effectively communicate in English.

High literacy rate

With a remarkable literacy rate of 92.5%, surpassing the global average, Sri Lankans stand out in South Asia. 

Customer-centric focus

Sri Lankan employees possess a strong customer-centric focus due to their cultural influence, being genuinely friendly and helpful.

Adaptable Mindset

Sri Lankans adaptable mindset enables them to seamlessly adapt to new systems, procedures, and cultural variations.

Available pre-screened talent pools

By utilising our existing talent pools, you can hire qualified Sri Lankan talent faster than when working with a general overseas recruitment agency, and all for a fraction of the cost.

A caregiver providing care for an elder
Healthcare aids & nurses
We are BestLink International, a licensed foreign employment agency in Sri Lanka registered under the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.
Our license number is 3613
A cook and a chambermaid
Cooks & hotel workers
We operate three caregiving training centers in Sri Lanka, all approved by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka. These centers operate under the name Feel It Nursing Academy.

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